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Clubs and rescues:

Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club

Labrador Retriever Club. Parent Club

Labrador Friends Of The South

Atlanta Lab Rescue


Clubs & rescues by breeds

Labrador Life line



Breed links:

Coat color inheritance in the Labrador

Labrador Retriever Database. France.

Some common mismarks in Labradors

The truth about Labradoodles

The Truth about "Silver" Labradors

True Labrador Retrievers are black, yellow, and chocolate only! By LRC Directors. BUYER BEWARE!

Analysis of the 'silver' Labrador population

No To Silver Labradors



Health related links:



Canine Health Foundation

Canine lameness Learning module

Veterinary Medical Center Of Clayton

Effects of early neutering/spay. A study in Golden retrievers by UC Davis

Why I've Had a Change of Heart About Neutering Pets. By Dr Karen Becker (Holistic veterinarian)

Neutering health effects more severe for golden retrievers than Labradors



DNA tests available for Labradors:

Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (prcd)/Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) DNM1 gene mutation test.

Narcolepsy (NARC)

Retinal Dysplasia/OculoSkeletal Dysplasia (RD/OSD)

Centronuclear Myopathy Disease (CNM)

Color & Coat



DNA Laboratories

DDC Veterinary Diagnostics Center. CNM; EIC; HNPK; Color & Coat.

OptiGen. prcd-PRA; RD/OSD; NARC.

VetGen. CNM; EIC; HNPK; SD2; Color & Coat.




Links for Labrador owners:

Labrador Retriever Chat Board.

Wiscoy Labrador Forum

Travel Guide For Dog Owners

Pet Names

Dog Food rating and analysis, based on ingredients.

Dog Food Ingredients, Nutritional values



Show links:

Conformation Shows

Canine Chronicle



Dog Specialty Shows

SPB Labradors



Dog performance:






Training Links


Training Clubs

AKC CGC Program

Cesar Millan, The dog whisperer.

Victoria Stilwell. Positive reinforcement training.



Hunting and Field


North Georgia Hunting Retriever Club

Old South Hunting Retriever Club

Everything Gun Dog