About Us

I have own purebred dogs and participated in dog shows and other events for more than 30 years. I've owned, bred and shown other breeds, such as Belgian sheepdogs, Golden Retrievers, Basset Hounds, and Shar Pei.

My easy going and always happy English type Labrador Retrievers are my companions and they are a pleasure to live with. My bloodlines are laid back, very trainable and yes, they are also very pretty!

I show them in conformation, and work in obedience. We are not a business and just breed sporadically with the sole purpose of improving the breed, and keep a puppy or two.

Even when the purpose of our breeding program is to perpetuate our lines, not all our puppies will go to other breeders or show homes with friends that share my passion. Some of my puppies will go to pet homes as wonderful family companions. These puppies are sold with  limited registration some others will go as obedience and weekend hunting partners. If you are new to the dog shows and wish to get involved with a show puppy, we would like to meet you and know more about you.

My commitment as a responsible breeder and as a veterinarian is, first and foremost, to breed only sound parents and provide healthy puppies that will be enjoyed by their new families for many, many years. In order to produce a show dog and an excellent companion who could also be a hunting partner, I also emphasize my breeding program in temperament and type.

We believe on testing and certifying all our boys and girls to be free from genetic diseases or disorders. I check hips, elbows, eyes, Knees, and heart. They are cleared through OFA and CERF. We also test for PRA and EIC. No aggression, excessive shyness or hyper temperament is kept in our bloodlines. Trainability is a must for my Labs.

All my dogs are my pets and have access to the house. They eat and sleep indoors, and the rest of the time they enjoy the outdoors in our large back yard.

Each of our litters are planned way ahead of time, even years. Researching pedigrees takes me as much time as raising a litter. Each litter is the product of hours and hours of research and hard work.

We spend many weekends at the show grounds, but when we are home we like to relax and enjoy our dogs.