van Dalen Listen To The Wind





 DOB: 12/27/2015

ClearCreek BonaVenture Dust In The Wind & van Dalen Concealed Weapon

~ Hips: OFA Prelim Good ~ Elbows: OFA Prelim Normal ~ Eyes clear ~ Patella: OFA Normal ~ 
~ PRA: DNA Clear DDC ~ EIC DNA Clear DDC ~ CNM DNA Clear DDC ~ HNPK: DNA Clear DDC ~ Color DD DDC ~ LHG DNA Clear DDC ~
~ Dentition: Normal/Scissor ~ 

ClearCreek BonaVenture Dust In The Wind 
Hyspire Maritime Everything You Always Wanted 
BISS GCH CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive 
BISS CH Windfall's Pipe Major
CH Janrod's Tammy Why Not 
AM CH Maritime Forecast Matilde WC 
BISS AM CH Hyspire Hot To Trot 
Maritime Hyspire No Doubt 
Am CH Can CH Eng Sh CH Clearcreek Bonaventure Windjammer JH
CH Bonaventure's Clipper 
Glengary Lubberline Schooner
Breezewood Glengary Windfall
Clearcreek Bonaventure Aspens Run 
BISS AM CH Lenches Teddy Bear 
CH (US) Bonaventure's Glory Bound 
van Dalen Concealed Weapon 
Impulse the Doctor is in at van Dalen 
AM CH Elhid'S Average Joe
BISS CH Windfall's Pipe Major
Valcar ELHID's Sidda Lee 
AM CH Tabathas With A Twist Belquest 
BISS AMCH Boradors By George
Tabatha'S Goodnight Belquest 
van Dalen Happy To Be Home 
INT CH van Dalen I'm Up For The Game
AM CH Chambrays Out Of The Ruff NJP NFP CGC TDI 
Winquest-Chambray van Dalen Onyx 
Centre Court Here I'm at van Dalen 
Centre Court Henry
Centre Court Venus Williams