van Dalen IBIM Chipi Chipi



 "Chipi Chipi"

DOB:  06/04/2015  

van Dalen Max II  & van Dalen Concealed Weapon

~ Hips: OFA Good ~ Eyes: AVCO Normal ~ Patella: OFA Normal ~
~ PRA: Clear ~ EIC: Carrier ~ HNPK: Clear ~ DD ~
~ Dentition: Normal/Scissor ~


van Dalen Max II
van Dalen Climbing Mount Ego
Valcar'S My Rainbeau
BISS AM CH CAN CH Shannon Valley's Beauregard,
Valcar'S A Lady Katherine 
Winquest-Chambray van Dalen Onyx 
BISS AMCH Ghoststone's Louie Downtown CD, WC
INT CH Blade-N-Bays Spice Girl Affair 
van Dalen Charisma By Gandalf
INT'L CH Winquest The White Wizard Van Dalen 
BISS AMCH Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook 
AM/INT'L CH Surry'S Obscured By Clouds
INT CH Centre Court Mrs O'Mally
Centre Court Henry
Tallow IV 
van Dalen Concealed Weapon
Impulse the Doctor is in at van Dalen 
AM CH Elhid'S Average Joe
BISS CH Windfall's Pipe Major 
Valcar ELHID's Sidda Lee 
AM CH Tabathas With A Twist Belquest
BISS AMCH Boradors By George
Tabatha'S Goodnight Belquest
van Dalen Happy To Be Home 
INT CH van Dalen I'm Up For The Game
AM CH Chambrays Out Of The Ruff NJP NFP CGC TDI
Winquest-Chambray van Dalen Onyx
Centre Court Here I'm at van Dalen
Centre Court Henry
Centre Court Venus Williams 


  • Raleigh-Durham Labrador Retriever Club. 05/12/16. BOPuppy in Specialty show. 
  • Labrador Retriever Club Of The Potomac. 04/12/16. 3rd 9-12 Puppy Yellow Bitch. Judge:



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