GCH CH van Dalen Class Not Arrogance





GCH CH Caer Bren McLeod JH & van Dalen Sierra's Diamond Dust


DOB: 07/07/2014

  ~ Hips: OFA Good ~ Elbows: Normal ~ Eyes Clear ~
~ PRA: Clear DDC ~ EIC Clear DDC ~ CNM: Clear DDC ~ HNPK: Clear DDC ~ Long Coat: Clear DDC ~ DD ~
~ Dentition: Normal/Scissor ~

AM CH Caer Bren McLeod JH

AM GCH CH Robnie's Two Thumbs Up at Moonlit BISS  AM CH. Boradors By George
 PHIL GRCH / AMCH Lenches Gallivant 
AMCH Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream 
BISS CH Sunspot's Lace Em Up JH CH Castlewood's Just Do It
Broad Reach Sunspots Amber
Caer Bren Miz Maizie JH AM CH. Caer Bren Mr Pickwick JH AMCH Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH
CH Allegheny's Crystal JH
CH Caer Bren Ariane JH BISS AM CH Caer Bren Superhero MH
CH Caer Bren's Water Lilly JH

van Dalen Sierra's Diamond dust

BISS CH Lubberline Martingale CH Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear BISS CH Lenches Teddy Bear
Windfall's Stand Up Comic
CH Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib CH  Scartho Frost
CH Rocheby Rippling Corn
INT CH van Dalen Storm N Diamonds affair CGC RN INT CH Carmay's Duststorm At Chambray CGC BISS CH Dovetails Walk Th' Walk
Dovetails Diamond 'N' The Ruff 
INT CH Winquest-Chambray van Dalen Onyx BISS CH Ghoststone's Louie Downtown CD WC
INT CH Blade-N-Bays Spice Girl Affair


04/16/2016 Atlanta Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Mr. Eric J Ringle. W/BW/OS. 1 Point.
04/24/2016 Heartland Dog Club of Florida. Judge: Cecilia Martinez. W. 2 Points.
05/11/2016 Newnan Kennel Club. Judge: Mrs. Linda Hurlebaus. W/BW/OS. 1 Point.
05/12/2016 Columbus Kennel Club. Judge: Mr. Robert J Shreve. W/OS. 1 Point.
05/15/2016 Macon Kennel Club. Judge: Mrs. Patricia V Trotter. W/OS. 1 Point.
05/28/2016 Hendersonville Kennel Club. Judge: Mrs. Gloria Geringer. W/BW/OS. 2 Point.
06/02/2016 Greater Hickory Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Ms. Kim Ramey-LeBlanc. W/BW. 1 Point.
06/03/2016 Fayetteville Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Ms. Carol S Brown. W/OS. 1 Point.
06/16/2016 Greater Venice Florida Dog Club. Judge: Mr. Jon R Cole. W 3 Points.
06/25/2016 Central Florida Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Mrs. Mareth K Kipp. W/BW. 3 Point.
06/26/2016 Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay. Judge: Mrs. Valerie Dombrowski. Select 3 Points.
07/14/2016 Boca Raton Dog Club Inc. Judge: Dr. Steve Keating. BOB 3 Points.
07/15/2016 Boca Raton Dog Club Inc. Judge: Mrs. Judy Webb. Select 1 Point.
07/16/2016 Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club, Inc.. Judge: Ms. Sharol Candace Way. BOB 3 Points.
07/17/2016 Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club, Inc. Judge: Mrs. Ruth Kirby. OS 1 Point.
07/23/2016 Hilton Head Island Kennel Club. Judge: Ms. Ann H Roth. Select 1 point.
07/24/2016 Hilton Head Island Kennel Club. Judge: Mr. Eric J Ringle. BOB 1 point
07/28/2016 Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Jamie Hubbard. Select 2 Points.
07/29/2016 Greenville Kennel Club. Judge: Dr. Robert A Indeglia. BOB 3 Points.
07/30/2016 Piedmont Kennel Club, Inc. Judge: Ms. Karolynne M McAteer. BOB 4 Points.
07/31/2016 Greenville Kennel Club. Judge: Mr. Douglas A Johnson. Select 3 Points.