INT CH Winquest Chambray van Dalen Onyx




06/28/2004- 06/19/2016

BISS Ch Ghoststone's Louie Downtown CD WC  &  INT CH Blade-N-Bays Spice Girl Affair

OFA: Hips Fair ~ Elbows Normal ~ CERF 2008 Normal ~
~ Heart: OFA Normal ~ Patella: OFA Normal ~
~ Dentition: Normal/Scissor ~ BB-Ee (By)

 Reference only

BISS Ch Ghoststone's Louie Downtown CD WC
Ch Marshland Bakela
Ch Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance
Ch Marshland Blitz
Cherry Oaks Sunshine
Ch Marshland Glitz
Ch Marshland Blitz
Marshland Bold Gabrielle
Ch Blackthorn Simply Irresistible WC
BISS Ch Sailin' Cajuns Casanova CD WC
Ch Can Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD WC
Ch Can Ch Elysium's Sailin Cat Ballou
Ch Starpoint Blackthorn Blonde CD
Ch Can Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD WC
Campbellcroft Brambleberry CD
INT CH Blade-N-Bays Spice Girl Affair
BISS Ch. Kai Den's Black Tie Affair WC JH
Ch. Guidelines Mastercard
Nu Ch Guidelines Copyright
Guidelines Mondi
Ch. Hennings Mill Hase' N To Kai Den WC
Ch. Chafern Court Star of Fabracken
Ch. Country Place O'Hennings Mill
Blade N Bays Moonlite Surprize
Ch. Sandledge's Royall Choice
Ch. Lindenhall Grandquest Rebel
Coppertone Meadow Oaks Tiger
Whitewater Waves At Windfall
Ch. Windfall's Highlander
Whitewater Frost




INT CH van Dalen Storm N Diamonds Affair CGC RN

AM GrCh Ch van Dalen Cedartree Hunter

INT CH van Dalen I'm Up For The Game