Feeding your puppy

By Dr Laura van Dalen.

By the time that you take your puppy home at 7-8 weeks, he or she will be weighting about 15 pounds. We feed our puppies Pro Plan original Large Breed Puppy Formula. You can find this food at Petsmart or other pet stores.

They usually eat about 1cup 3 times a day. By 10 weeks he should be eating about 2 cups 2 times a day. This amount increases rapidly as the puppy grows to about 4 cups 2 times a day, by the time they are 7-8 months old. As their growth rate starts to slow down, so do their food requirements. You should start decreasing the amount of food until your puppy is about 2 years old, and keep him in good body condition.

Use common sense. If your puppy/dog is too fat, then feed less food. If he is losing weight then increase the amount of food.

If you prefer to feed your puppy 3 -4- 5......... times a day, you are most likely end having problems potty training him. Most puppies like to release themselves after they eat, so the more times a day you feed him, the more times a day you are stimulating his need to eliminate.

A 10 weeks old puppy needs to eat 2 times a day only. However, the important thing is how much food he is getting through the day. Split that amount in 2 or 3 parts.

Keep him in 2 meals a day until he is at least 1 year old, or keep this schedule through your dog’s life.

Keep your puppy in puppy food until he is 1 year old.

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