Our Methods

More than 30 years of experience have shown us that there is never too much care and prevention when you are talking about breeding dogs. To ensure both the emotional and physical well being of our dogs and puppies we follow a strict procedure before, during and after each breeding.

Health and nutrition is the base for a well balance reproductive system. We feed our dogs and puppies with Premium brands. Each dog has its own diet based on age, activity level, reproductive stage, preferences, etc. The moms have never run out of milk and the puppies are weaned at a top weight.

We keep strict control on vaccinations, de-worms, heart worm prevention and any other health control our dogs may need to keep them fit and happy.

All our breeding stock have been checked and cleared for inherited deceases through OFA, CERF and DNA. We check Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Eyes and Patella. We also do DNA testing for PRCD-PRA and EIC.

We make sure all our bitches are in perfect health condition before mating. We choose the best stud available to ensure the improvement of breed. It is a requirement that all breeding stock used by us are health checked and certified to be free of Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Heart decease, Eye deceases and luxating patella (Knees) . At least one of the parents is clear for PRCD-PRA and EIC, which guaranties that the puppies will not suffer Progressive retinal atrophy or Exercise induced collapse. If an outside stud is used, we require the stud owner to provide at least the clearances established by CHIC, Hips, Elbows, and Eyes, and then cardiac clearances. We base our breeding in the study of both, the father and the mother's, pedigrees. Researching pedigrees takes us as much time as bringing up the litters. It is not as easy as just putting two dogs together, not even two Champions together. Genetics is complicated and at the end you still need a little of divine intervention for things go as we planned.

We practice socialization and brain stimulation immediately after they are born. The puppies are in our house and are handled often. A video camera system helps us keep an eye 24 hours when necessary.

The puppies are started on puppy food around weeks 3-4 depending on every litter particular needs. The puppies are completely weaned at 5 weeks and outside potty training begins. Each pup is evaluated for shyness and handled more often as necessary. A temperament test and show evaluation takes place at this time through week 8.

By the time the puppies are ready to go at 7 or 8 weeks they are well advanced in potty training. Most of our new owners send us e-mails back giving us Kudos on how well the puppies did the first few days and how easy it was to crate and potty train them. They are on puppy dry food only. They also have their shots and de-worms up to date. Every puppy gets a microchip implanted before he or she leaves our home.

Ultimately, after the puppies are gone, we like to keep in touch with our new owners and a lot of them have become good friends.