Testimonials 2011

Our Labrador puppies in their new homes.

It is with great proud that we post these testimonials from people that have acquired a van Dalen puppy or dog in the past. All these dogs went from our home to their now forever homes to form part of all these splendid families. This is one of the main reasons that make us get better every day.

Thanks to you guys for taking such good care of our babies!


Sabrina & Lewis
Onyx & Tyler
Onyx & Hogan

Note: The Bulldog is not my fault :-)

We are the luckiest family ever. We love our dogs. " Thank you" does not even cover it.
The Ford Family

Tyler & Tiffany

Merry Christmas Laura! Harley and all the Williams family wish you and all of your beautiful dogs a wonderful Holiday season! Harley's nose has started to lighten up as you can see in the photo and he is as good as ever!

Best Wishes,

Philip,Judy,Marielle, and Harley

Chloe & Junior

Dear Dr. Laura,

We wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Milo has been with us a little over a year ( we picked him up on December 22 nd of last year) and he is part of our family.

If you ever have any pictures of his siblings (pups from Junior and Chloe) and wouldn't mind sending some, we surely would appreciate it. Our Milo is such a handsome dog and he sure has a lot of energy, he always wants to be the center of attention!

Hope all is well with you, best wishes from Sabine , Dan and Christina Murray

Chloe & Frasier

Happy Holidays. "Bo" Boeing is doing great!

Happy & Frasier

Merry Christmas Laura!

Thank you for our amazing little Buckley (lower center)… he is absolutely adorable, healthy, happy… and growing like a weed!

We could not love him more… Our family is complete!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Best –

Denny and Jennifer

Maggie & Junior



Merry Christmas from Bo. He is doing great and has become a member of family. We will update you as he grows.

Bill and Pauline Ferlita

Tiffany & Junior

Merry Christmas!!

My little baby is growing up!! She’s at the vet today, getting spayed…

She’s great, wonderful and beautiful….we will gladly be a reference if needed.

Chara & Junior

Hi Laura

Merry Christmas to you!

Here is the picture of max. He is doing good.

Diamond & Tyler


Mia is doing great. She has warmed up and is a truly great companion with a loving personality – she follows me everywhere – I take her with me everywhere too.. She is sweet and kind and playful when she should be. She is great in the water and is very fast on the run to fetch tennis balls and loves catching the ball on a fly! Everyone comments on how pretty she is....and how fast she is!

We could not possibly be more please. Mia is a great dog! Barbara and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


O'Mally & Jack

Happy & Frasier

Hi Laura,

We have fallen in love with our new puppy and are having such fun. She is precious. I registered her as Waffles Lilac van Dalen. We are calling her Waffles because my son has been saying since he was age two that he wanted have a lab named Waffles! (Mom and Dad preferred Lilac but anything for your child, right!)

She is a loving, sweet puppy, and well-behaved, although she still loves to romp around with us. She goes into her crate at night very easily and cries for a bit but is then OK. In fact, last night she only cried for 10 minutes, then went sound asleep and stayed that way, with one potty break, until 7:00 this morning. She has had only a few accidents in the house, typically because we did not get her outside fast enough. Amazingly, when she has an accident, she always goes on the tile floor and not the rug. How smart she is! You did a marvelous job raising her to this point. We are thrilled to have her. We already love her and will take the very best care of her.

We are going to her new vet tomorrow to get her shots. I would like to find a good place to take her for training. Is there any particular puppy training place here in Atlanta that you recommend? If not, I can ask some friends who recently had their puppy trained.

I have attached a few photos of Waffles for you to see. If you have a Facebook account, I can send you a friend request. I will always post the photos of Waffles there.

Thank you again for giving us a wonderful puppy.


Blossom & Jack
Happy & Frasier

Hi Dr. Van Dalen.

Just wanted to let you know that the girls are so happy together. They play and bark and chase each other constantly and already cuddle up together when it's time to sleep.

A photo I took at lunch time yesterday is attached. They are absolutely precious!

Dixie recently graduated from good manners school and we finally registered her with the AKC - so she is building quite a wall of framed certificates! (We opted to get the pedigree paperwork too.) Next up - tricks class for Dix and AKC puppy class for Scarlett.

Thanks for our furry family!

Amy & Jason

Maggie & Jack
"Maggie & Junior"

Just wanted to let you know that Caymus is doing great. We love her greatly. She loves playing with her sis, Shafer, who is gentle when playing with her.

Thanks for such wonderful dogs!!!!

Brantley Barrow

Tiffany & Junior

Maggie & Jack


They are both doing great!!! I meant to email much earlier and send a picture. Caddy and Piper are the best of friends and have been since the day Caddy came home. Within a week Caddy could use the dog door to the outside fenced in area. She saw Piper go in and out and just climbed through herself. It took a little longer to house-train her, I think, because of all the snow we had. Her trips to the vet went very well. The staff think she is so pretty and very well-behaved. The vet says she is a very healthy pup and her weight is very appropriate for her size. She has really grown taller lately, but still looks so small compared to Piper. She and Piper love to play outside and get plenty of exercise. They are very entertaining to watch.

Caddy has been to 4 puppy classes and is doing nicely. Our class has only 3 other pups so everyone gets more attention. She is very good at loose-leash walking and sitting to meet people. She is a little shy around new people, but at home she is the star (clown) of the show.

We are keeping my brother's English Setter while he is out of town and Caddy and Piper love having her at our house.

Until about a month ago Piper would not go down steps or go up the open stairs to the bedrooms. Then one day when Hal went downstairs to the basement to get more dog food, he noticed Piper down there right beside him. Since then she goes up and down like she has been doing it forever. She is still so well behaved.

Thank you again for 2 such greats dogs.

I'll send a picture in another email when I get the latest photos put on this computer.

We saw on the website that Junior did well at a show. Congratulations.



Chloe & Frasier

Hi Laura,

Here is Cooper or as we called him on Halloween "Super-Coop". I have been meaning to send you photos, but I have not downloaded any from my camera. This was taken with my phone.

We are so enjoying our Cooper! He is a sweet boy. We get lots of compliments on Cooper when we go on walks, have him in the car, and take him to the pet store. People have asked if he is the Cottonelle dog from the commercials. A car was driving past us in our neighborhood the other day. They pulled over and the lady got out of the car so that she could pet Cooper. It was so funny.

Cooper had his last round of shots at the vet today. He weighs 37 pounds. He loves to go to the vet and meet other dogs in the waiting room and also, getting fussed over by the technicians. :) They said he did a good job posing for his picture today-- must be our practice with "sit and stay".

We hired a trainer to come to the house and work with us and Cooper. It is different training a puppy with children in the house. When we trained our previous lab, we didn't have kids so, the play biting was not too big of a problem. It is more difficult when you have kids in the house. So, that's the number one thing we are working on. We already trained him on "sit" and going pee and poop outside. He is doing well with that.

All the best to you,

Nancy Seay

Tiffany & Junior

Maggie & Jack
Hi Laura,
Caddy and Piper are getting along really well. They are so much fun to watch.
Caddy has been to the vet for her first visit and impressed the staff with her looks. We have registered her with AKC and the microchip The house-breaking got slowed because the first few days the snow was deeper than Caddy was tall, but she seemed to like it. The wood chips were covered by snow the first night and after more snow covered the second pile of chips, we waited to put out more. She is beginning to get the idea now.
At the end of the first week she could go in and out of the dog door.
I'm starting her in puppy class in February with the same trainer that Piper had. We have already worked on some of the things that I know will be taught.
Thanks again for such a great pup!
Tiffany & Junior



Thought you might want to see the attached. John named her Ada and she is adorable, however keeping us on our toes. Very pretty dog - and growing so fast! Please let us know if you have any tips on training Ada to enjoy a car ride.


Thank you - Lynne

Tiffany & Junior

Maggie & Jack



Hope everything is going well. I know you must be busy, but we just wanted you to know that the trip home went well. Caddis is a good rider and definitely lets us know when she needs to stop for a potty break. The introductions are also going well. Just as you said Piper did the sniffing routine. She is being very gentle and Caddis doesn't seem to be afraid of her If we could harness the energy of the tails wagging, we would be rich.


O'Mally & Jack

Here is a picture of Lucy out in the snow with me. She had a blast. I will send more later.

Congrats on Diamond's litter, they look beautiful. I am following you on Facebook now and love seeing the dogs.

Have a great rest of the week, I hope you all can move around - we are still stuck in ice around here.


Diamond & Tyler


Happy New Year, Laura! Thank you for the Christmas greeting and we hope you had a great Christmas!

Bogey celebrated his lst birthday on Dec.21st. He is such a sweet, loving pet. He adores our family and cuddles with our daughters (ages 23 and 25) on the sofa. He also has a very playful side and makes us laugh a lot!

Everyone that sees him comments that he "solid" meaning very muscular. He weighs around 80 lbs.

Take care and have a healthy and happy new year.Becky and Gene

Emily, Susan, Matthew & Bogey

Tiffany and Junior

Hi Laura,

Here are some images of Harley in the snow. I don't know who enjoyed it more him or me? Honestly I think he enjoyed it more as you can see. Happy New Year and I hope you and all the pups are doing well!

Best Regards,

Philip, Judy, Marielle, and Harley


Molly & Gandalf

Hi Laura,

It's been a while but thought we would send you a recent picture of Brady who turned 3 in December. You should also know that Brady is the best. He is loved by everyone that meets him and of course loves everyone he meets. I could write a book on all the things we love about him. Bottom line is we could not of asked for a better dog.


Dan & Carol Cerasoli

Ooltewah, TN


Diamond & Tyler

Hi Laura

I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to send you a picture of Bentley and let you know how he is doing. He is such a sweet puppy. (he is 1 year old but still seems like a big puppy) Bentley is so smart. (Sometimes too smart) He follows commands and is always ready to learn more.

We took this picture at the beach in October. Isn’t he beautiful!

We are so pleased to have Bentley in our Family.

Thank you Laura and best regards,

Leslie and Scott Kretzschmar

Chancy & Dusty

Hi Laura!

It's been a long time since I've given you an update on Chance (Chancy x Dusty, December 2005). I can't believe he just turned 5 years old. I went to your website to visit and I saw that his picture is still there (in the top corner, farthest one to the right). That made my day. :)

He is such a wonderful dog and still my very best friend. In March 2010, my husband and I welcomed twin boys. Chance loves and protects them, it's so amazing how labs love children. Our whole family went to Tennessee over Christmas and it was Chance's first time in the snow. Attached is a picture.

Hope all is well with you,

Tiffany Luongo

"Flash" & "Superman"
Pebbles & Jack

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how great the boys are! We named red puppy, aka Flash, Artemis (Van Dalen Artemis Gannon) and blue puppy, aka Superman, Neptune (Van Dalen Neptune Gannon). They are doing well and are a bundle of energy - 3 hours at a time. Please let Nicole they are doing well.


The Gannon's